“He Who sits in the heavens laughs…” (Psalm 2:4, AMP)
Have you ever imagined God laughing in the heavens? Think about it for a moment. Right now, God is on the throne. He’s not mad. He’s not worried about the economy. He’s not upset with us. No, God is full of joy and laughing on the throne. It goes on to tell us in Psalm 37 that He’s laughing because “He can see the destruction of the enemy coming.” In other words, the reason God laughs is because He knows the end of the story. He knows the final outcome. The good news is that you and I win. God always causes us to triumph!
“The grave could not contain You for You wear the Victor’s crown!”

Victor’s Crown by Darlene Zschech 

“Keep on asking and it will be given you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking [reverently] and [the door] will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7, AMP)
 What doors are you knocking on today? Are you looking for a door of opportunity to be opened? A door of escape? A door of shelter from the storms of life?
God loves persistence. He honors diligence. When you diligently do the will of God, obeying His Word and following His commands, it’s like knocking on the door of His promises. He is faithful, and He will open that door! Maybe you’re already doing all you know to do today don’t give up! Perseverance will carry you to the promise. Perseverance keeps on asking and keeps on knocking. Perseverance looks away from discouragement and distractions and keeps looking toward God. It has a voice that says things like, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper! I know God is for me! I am more than a conqueror through Jesus!”
Today, stay faithful to follow God’s Word, and remember, every step of obedience is another knock on the door of His promises! He will hear you, and He will answer. He will open up doors that no man can shut and lead you into the life of victory He has prepared for you!
A PRAYER FOR TODAY “Father God, thank You for Your faithfulness in my life. Thank You for opening doors of opportunity before me and for leading me and guiding me. I trust that You are ordering my steps as I diligently

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful” (Colossians 3:15 NIV).
As believers, we are a commanded to be thankful. I believe this is a natural result of allowing the peace of God to rule our hearts. Did you know that you can choose to have peace? You don’t have to let things upset you. You don’t have to be anxious and worried. That word peace means to set at one again. When you set your mind at one with God and His Word, you will have peace. God also leads us by peace. If you don’t have peace about a decision, wait and follow the direction of the peace in your heart. And when you have peace, you can’t help but be thankful! You will have a song in your heart and a spring in your step. Choose today to let the peace of Christ rule in your heart and have an attitude of gratitude toward the Lord. Even if you have things that are upsetting you, take a step of faith and begin to thank God for His goodness in your life. Thank Him for working behind the scenes on your behalf. As you do, you will walk forward into the life of blessing He has in store for you!


Today and every day, know that God loves you with an everlasting love. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is for you and has a good plan for you. Receive His perfect love today and let Him transform you from the inside out. His love is the greatest love and will last throughout all eternity!
toglorifyjesus replied:

Believing that the Lord will never leave me nor forsake me no matter what this world will bring. 

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